Czechia and Cuba: the unspoken thaw

Fidel Castro, Cuban Prime Minister, and Gustáv Husák, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (and later, President) in 1972. Source: CELIA PÉREZ CARRASCOSA During the bloc era, numerous relations were established and consolidated between various countries. Czechoslovakia, for example, developed and strengthened diplomatic and friendly relations with several Eastern Bloc states, includingSigue leyendo “Czechia and Cuba: the unspoken thaw”

Czechia, destination of the Vietnamese diaspora in Europe

Vietnamese children in Chrastava (Czechoslovakia). 1956. Source: Růžena Tupé Archive CELIA PÉREZ CARRASCOSA The Czech Republic has one of the largest Vietnamese communities in Europe, surpassed only by France and Germany. About 60.000 Vietnamese live in this Slavic country. This places them as the third largest group of foreigners in Czech territory, behind Slovaks andSigue leyendo “Czechia, destination of the Vietnamese diaspora in Europe”

Czechia, Syria’s diplomatic ally in the heart of Europe

Depositphotos CELIA PÉREZ CARRASCOSA The Arab Spring came to Syria through protests and riots in March 2011. Those protests triggered a war in the cradle of civilisation which is still being fought. In response to this conflict, one of the measures taken by the USA and the EU was to close their embassies in Damascus.Sigue leyendo “Czechia, Syria’s diplomatic ally in the heart of Europe”